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Where to Arrive for French Car Pick Up

I will be reserving the TGV from Paris to Geneva, where I will connect to Swiss trains, using my Swiss Pass, to go to Lauterbrunnen. When I return to Geneva by train, I will pick up my car at Geneva Ferney Voltaire airport. My Question: From Paris to Geneva, which train destination do I want to I want to book? GVA, Geneva FR, Geneva CFF, or Geneva Ferney Voltaire? Later in my trip, by train from Montreux to Geneva, to pick up the car on the French side, do Swiss trains go to Geneva Ferney Voltaire airport? This is all quite confusing. Thank you for your help!!

You want to book a ticket to Geneva Airport. I believe Geneva CFF is the main train station in Geneva - Cornavin. If you're not sure about where to arrive, book to Cornavin and then you can easily get a train to the airport. There are lots of trains between the airport and Cornavin.
When you arrive at the airport, you'll need to go up to the departures-check in level and by the British Airways check in desks (and I believe the Air France help desk), is a passage to the French sector. Once in the French sector you'll easily find the car hire desks.

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