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Transfer Time Between Airlines

Hi - I am looking at taking an EasyJet flight from Toulouse to Geneva to catch a return flight home to Australia - I am travelling with children - the EasyJet flight is due to arrive 12.45pm - I have 2 flight return options - one departs at 3.15pm and another departs at 9.50pm. Is there enough time between the EasyJet arrival to find and check in to the earlier flight? If it is cutting it too fine, my 2nd question is, can you book a few hours earlier on flights or will I have to leave my luggage somewhere at the airport, if so, where, and are there many child friendly activities close by to the airport or is it just the city? Sorry for the long question! Any advice much appreciated. Thank you.

I'll be honest I'm not sure if you'll have enough time to transfer between planes. It would seem to be enough time. You'll arrive on the lower level and need to go to the upper lever to check in. It shouldn't take you more than 30-45 minutes to get your bags and then another two hours or so to check in abd get to your gate. But of course one never knows. I understand about not wanting the long layover. It's up to your airline how long you can check in early. I'd contact them and ask.
The airport doesn't have much especially for kids but there is a shopping centre - Emotions under the airport and they have events from time to time. Here's what the official web site says - It's near the train station with easy access to Geneva. You can get a free one-way tick when you arrive. The airport is next to a convention centre - Palexpo, you could see what they have if you need to kill time.
Hope this helps. Jeff

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