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Train to Thollon les Memises

Please could you inform me if there is a direct train from Geneva airport to Thollon les Memises. Thanks
Added by a reader:
I have just happened upon your article on how to get to Thollon les Memises. I have a studio there, and we find the best way to get there from the airport is to get a train from the Airport station to Lausanne, then take the metro to Ouchy, and then a boat across Lake Geneva. It is a bit more expensive that way, but it can be a magical way to arrive in Evian

I take it you mean Thollon les Memises? If so, no there isn't a train direct to Thollon les Memises from the Geneva Airport. What you can do is take a train from Annemass in France to Evian les Bains (about 8€ one way for one person). Then from Evian you would need to take a taxi to Thollon les Memises, cost is about 20€. Voyages Sncf UK has more info on train times and cost. Just remember you don't need to make a reservation you can by the day you travel.
The hard part is getting to Annemasse. You can do it through public transportation. You would take the train from the airport to the Geneva train station (Gare de Cornavin in French), these trains run quite often.
Then from the Geneva train station you need to get to Eaux-Vives station (Gare des Eaux-Vives). If I'm reading my Geneva transport map right bus 1 runs between the stations. Then from Eaux-Vives you take the train to Annemasse. It's possible that the train from Eaux-Vives will go direct to Evian. Voyages Sncf UK has more info. Just use GENEVE EAUX VIVES as your departure and EVIAN LES BAINS as your destination. The only issue here is that there aren't a lot of trains running out of Eaux-Vives stations.

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