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How to get to Ferney-Voltaire

I am flying to Geneva and will be staying in there Saturday night. But first, I want to visit Ferney-Voltaire briefly and quickly from the airport, then travel to central Geneva. Can I use the French sector at the airport and walk or take taxi to Ferney-Voltaire? What is the best way to get from Ferney-Voltaire back into Switzerland and into Geneva?

My suggestion would be to when your flight arrives at the airport exit into Switzerland get your bags and then go upstairs to departures. Walk all the way down to the end and enter the French sector near the British Airways desks.
I guess you could walk into Ferney-Voltaire, I'd put it at about a two mile walk, or take a taxi.
For getting to Geneva there is a bus that goes into central Geneva from Ferney-Voltaire. There look to be a few stops including the Ferney-Voltaire Mairie (Town Hall). Buses (line f) run about four an hour during rush hour and two an hour during off peak hours. Here is an on line schedule - Arrât Ferney-Mairie - Ligne f. The bus ends at the Geneva train station - Gare Cornavin. I'm not sure of another way to get from Ferney-Voltaire to Geneva other than taxi.

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