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Getting to Annecy

We will be arriving in Geneva airport in June. We will be going to Annecy from there. As far as we can see the Frossard coach doesn't leave the airport until 7.15pm and takes 90 minutes, and the trains seem to take even longer as there seems to be no direct train. Do you know whether there is a more frequent or quicker train service from June? Or how much it would cost by taxi? Thank you for any help you can give me.

I called AS Taxi (who speak English) and was told it is 85€ to go from the Geneva Airport to Annecy. You can contact then by email and get a firm price and make a reservation.
With trains in June it looks like what you found. But here is how to do it. From the airport you need to get to the Eaux Vives station. You would take the train from the airport to the Geneva train station (Gare de Cornavin in French), these trains run quite often. Then take bus 1 to Eaux Vives station. Please verify that you need to take bus 1 to get to Eaux Vives. I believe there could also be a tram.
From Eaux Vives you can get a train to Annecy. On June 3rd trains leave at 5:02pm, 5:32pm and 6:33 pm and travel time to Annecy is about one hour. Depending on what train you take you might need to transfer in Annemasse. I'm not sure of the price to go from Eaux Vives to Annecy but you don't need to make a reservation.
For Frossard I had a look at their site and it does look like they leave at 7.15pm and the trip takes 90 minutes. The cost is listed as 10.50€.

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