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Evian to the French Sector

Please could you send me detailed directions how to drive a hire car to the French side of Geneva Airport. We are coming from Evian.

I don't yet have directions on how to get to the French side of Geneva Airport passing through Switzerland. But the official airport web site does, see - Geographic situation & Access plans and then click on 'Road accesses to the French Sector' on the right.
What I do have is how to bypass Geneva for those who can't go through Switzerland.
If you know how to, it's faster to cut through the city of Geneva than going around. The easier way is to use the Swiss motorway A1 accessible from the border crossing Bardonnex. The kicker is you need to have a Swiss Vignette, the cost is 40 CHF.
Otherwise you need to cut through Geneva using surface streets. You could enter Switzerland at the border crossing Thonex-Gaillard and then go through the city of Geneva. Not very easy and you will need a good map. The official airport web site link above says to enter Switzerland at St Julien en Genevois, I've never done that but it might be best.

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