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Car Hire on French Side

We are flying into the Geneva airport and renting a car on the French side. When we leave we will return the car to the french side. What is the process and how long will it take to get to the French rental cars. On the return we will leave by Easy Jet (which terminal is this and is it on the French side) and be going to Nantes. How much time do we need to allow at the airport when we leave to drop off a car on the french side and check in?? Thank you for your help.

See this Q&A for accessing the French side when you arrive. I can't say how long it will take you to get your car hire. It all depends on how many people there are. Generally speaking the French sector isn't as crowed as the Swiss side. I'd say less than an hour if you lucky. When you come back you'll need to enter the French side in Ferney-Voltaire. The entrance is just before the border crossing. EasyJet is in the only terminal the airport has. I believe they have check in desks on both the French and Swiss side, Swiss side for sure. As for time to check in I'd go by what your airlines says.

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