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Car Hire French Sector or Switzerland

We are travelling to Morzine, France from Geneva Airport. We need to hire a car but do not know if we need the French or Swiss Section! Its sooooo confusing - well to me anyway. Can you help? Also, the difference between car hire charges is quite a lot. Does it make much difference whether we hire from Swiss side or French side? Many thanks.

I suggest if possible hire on the Swiss side. Otherwise you will have to drive farther. Hard to explain but if you can look at a map you will see what I mean, getting a car on the French side means driving from Ferney Voltaire. It's not all that farther maybe a few miles but it could be tricky to drive. Also you might not get a car with a Swiss Vignette. That means you might not be able to drive on Swiss motorways. Well you can, but you risk a fine. And if you enter Switzerland at a border crossing that leads directly to a motorway, this won't be the case going from the French sector/Ferney Voltaire to Morzine. But if you come back the way you came it will be a problem. I.e. you will be forced to buy a Vignette if your car doesn't have one.

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