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Car Hire French Sector or the Swiss Side

Can you please help me we are going to fly with Easyjet from Bristol and land in Geneva then travel to Val-Thorens in France to ski? We want to hire a car and I have looked into this but I don't know if we land in the French Sector or the Swiss side and when hiring a car this seems to be what they want to know, also do we need a visa if we land on the Swiss side. I am very very confussed!!!!!

You don't really land in either the French Sector or the Swiss side. You exit to either after getting your bags. The main exit at baggage claim is to Switzerland but isn't marked as such. It is directly across from baggage claim and next to a large window. The French Sector on the other hand is marked and to the left.
My suggestion is car hire on the Swiss side.
As for a visa I don't believe a UK citizen needs one. But you really need to check that on your own.

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