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Access to Ferney-Voltaire Hotels

I want to reserve cheap hotel in Ferney-Voltaire (near Geneva)But my flight in 7-00. I must be in airport not later than 05:00. Please help me which way I need to take ?Bus?Taxi ?Railway ?
Thank you

I wouldn't worry too much about getting to the airport at 5am. Whenever I've had to check in that early the check-in desk haven't been open. If you stay at one of the low cost hotels in Ferney-Voltaire you can take bus Y to get to the airport. The official airport web site has a schedule - The bus coming from the airport stops in front of Hotel Stars. To get to the airport use the stop across the street. The earliest bus on a weekday is around 5.30. So if you really want to get to the airport at 5am you'll need to take a taxi.

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