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Bypassing Geneva

Here are driving directions for using the Geneva Airport but not going through Switzerland to reach the French Alps.

This drive takes about two hours depending on traffic. This is only for those who for whatever reason can't cross through Switzerland to reach the French Alps. If you need to reach the French Alps from the Geneva Airport, the best way is to exit the airport on the Swiss side and cross through Geneva and then enter France.

When you exit the airport and arrive at the end of the French sector road turn left. Turing right will take you into Switzerland. You will notice the border crossing to your right. After turning left you will enter Ferney-Voltaire and pass the Hotel Stars. At the first roundabout take direction Lyon. This will put you on the D35. Stay on the D35 following direction Lyon. You will pass the CERN. After driving on the D35 for ten to fifteen minutes take the D884, again direction Lyon.

The D884 is a four lane highway with a speed limit of 110 kilometers per hour. You can make good time on the D884. Should you need to do some shopping the D884 passes a shopping center.

You will take the D884 to its end. At that point there will be a roundabout; you will take the D984 direction Lyon. Drive on until you reach the D906 direction Annemasse. This is an intersection and not a roundabout. So watch out and try to drive slowly. You need to turn left.

The D906 will dead-end into the D1206. Take direction Annemasse. The D1206 will then become the N206. It isn't very clear when this happens but the direction signs will change to Genève (Geneva). You will stay on this road until you reach the city of Saint-Julien-en-Genevois. You don't enter the city but you will see apartment buildings to the left. You will come to a roundabout take the N201, first right direction A40/A41/Annecy. You can enter the A40/A41 Autoroute about a mile after this roundabout. The A40 goes to Chamonix and the A41 to Annecy.

Make sure to follow signs for the A40 direction Chamonix. If not, the Autoroute will take you either in the opposite direction or take you into Switzerland.

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