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The Geneva Airport has over 60 shops and restaurants, known as Emot!ons to serve you. Shops can be found on the departure level (Level 1) and on the arrival level (Level -1) near the railway station. Restaurants can be found on level 2. It is also possible to find the odd shop or cafe on others levels.

On the departure level, shops can be found in both the public area and the transit area. The transit area is for ticketed passengers only. There is a duty free shop in the transit area.
Departure level shops sell all the typical airport stuff souvenirs, alcohol, newspapers and so on.

The shops on level -1 are not airport typical shops and are more likely to be used by locals than travelers. Don't let this stop you from wondering down (follow the signs for the airport train station) and having a look. Not only are the shops not typical airports shops there are often events happening. For example, Easter 2007 there was an Easter egg hunt for kids and chocolate tasting.
Level -1 shops include a hairdresser, shoe store, dry cleaners, clothes shops, newsagent and supermarket (Swiss chain Migros).

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