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P51 Car Park

P51  Geneva Airport

Car park P51 is for long term and car hire parking. P51 is the car park furthest from the airport. There is access path between the airport and car park P51. Count on about a 10 minute walk to/from arrivals and departures. As P51 is used for car hire parking, there is a shuttle that runs between the terminal and the car hire desks.
Photos of the entrances to P51.

During the high travel season P51 is at times full (complet). If that's the case for you, then park in car park P1. The airport is good about indicating this (if P51 is full) when you arrive. You'll follow signs for car park P1 or if you first go to P51 for 'Arena'

Car park P51 has multiple pay points to pay for your parking. If you have cash you can pay in Swiss Francs or Euros.

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