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Geneva Airport Car Parks

There are over 5000 parking spaces at the Geneva Airport. They are divided into six car parks. In each the first 10 minutes is free, after that each has its own rate.

Payment is either via machine or payment booth. Machines take Swiss Francs or Euros and accept major credit cards. It is also possible to select your language.

The P1 car park is underground and offers easy access to the main terminal. P1 is for long term parking and has 2,400 spaces. Level -2 is used by car rental agents.

Scheduled for renovations and closed until end of March 2013.
The P2 car park is in front of the arrivals area and has 175 spaces. It is just across from the main exit. It is for short term parking, maximum duration 1 hour.

The P3 car park is for short term parking, there is a 30 minute limit. P3 is just in front of departures and has 90 spaces.

The P20 car park is in the French sector and has long term parking. The P20 has 220 parking spaces.

The P21 car park is in the French sector and is for car hire pick-up and return. The car hire desks are in the French sector terminal near the exit.

The P31-32 car parks are near the train station and shopping centre. They have 590 spaces.

The P51 car park is for long term parking and is accessible via a walk way from the airport terminal and the car hire desks. This car park has 1,700 spaces.